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Hi guys.Am back again.With another critic post.I hope u remember this dialogue pretty well.I don’t have to specify d movie from which it is taken.I strongly believe this sentence.But I fear this wont come true in India.India is a developing country which is still developing from past 60 yrs.Why? I dedicate this post to share my ideas why India is still developing and why We Indians wont allow India to become a perfect nation.There r a plenty of reasons for it.The main one being no one wants India to be perfect anymore.

  1. 1. Corruption-As soon as we hear this word,we point our fingers at policemen and politicians.Why don’t anybody dare to point your fingers at yourself?We are the ones who started it and we are the ones who r spreading it everyday regardless of thinking of stopping it.A few examples are-A)When a traffic policemen stops us at some signal for not wearing a helmet or not carrying DL and other documents,we never think of paying d fine in and taking a receipt.We beg d policemen and reduce d price to 50% or even less.Then later we blame them for taking bribe from us.We forget that we were the ones who begged infront of him.B)We go to government office to finish off our we know,government officials r slow compared to others.We don’t have patience to wait for him to complete his work.Instead,we bribe him again and ask him to complete our work before completing his pending work.And again we blame government officials for spreading corruption.When we patienceless people keep on bribing them,how can we expect him to complete d work of people who don’t bribe him?We do similar things everyday in one form or d other.But we still blame others for spreading corruption.
  2. 2. Politicians– Yes they r corrupt,mindless,senseless,jokers and call them wat u feel like.They fall in all d categories u mention.But who elected them?Its we again.We didn’t think of their qualification,didn’t question their promises,we wont be knowing their background either before voting for them.We either see d party which supports him or d promises they offer or d money they use to bribe us or the caste of the candidates.Many of us don’t even vote.But still,we keep on blaming politicians for ruining our country and spoiling image of d country.Its become too easy to blame others when d actual mistake is in our side.
  3. 3. Students dreaming of going abroad– There r lakhs of students who dream of going abroad to pursue their career and working there to earn more salary wen compared to India..They pay taxes to some other nation which incase creates a future for some person of other nationality.They visit India once in 2 yrs or even worse than tat,spend some 10% of their income in India which incase helps a few Indians,and blame India for being a developing country and poor country.How can we even expect India to be rich when all potential intellectuals settle in some other country?There can be a apple,toyota,microsoft and almost every wellknown and welldeveloped companies if those people stop going abroad and start something innovative here.
  4. 4. Media-This is the only sector where we don’t have to blame ourselves.To gain TRPs and make huge profits,all the top media channels and newspapers are indulging in making tamasha of everything they get.There are ‘n’ number of programs which highlight the crimes committed and the reason and process in which it was processed.They glorify politicians who are robbing us.Media also created unwanted hype and attraction to ayodhya verdict which was not necessary.They almost ruined India’s image by highlighting the cons of arrangements in CWG village.Kannada monthly magazines are filled with front pages filled with sex and prostitutes from many months.All these media show as if there is no good things going on within country.Yet,nobody questions the way media is handling its responsibility.
  5. 5. Communal division and violence-Before continuing with this,I like to apologize tat I myself have this division in mind.We come across many people who tell they don’t believe in castes and they support secularism.But honestly,do they really think so inside their hearts?I guess not.There is no single place which is completely democratic  and secular.Even here,we blame politicians for dividing people based on castes for their vote bank.Who in this world told to believe them and act as they want us to?Its US who support division.The day we stop it,politicians stop wooing us based on castes.We don’t search a cure for this.We support it.
  6. 6. Lack of support and unity– How many of us support and help our neighbours?We don’t even help our friends who is in trouble.We either give some free advices or pretend as if we help them.But in reality,we don’t even think of helping them from within.Wen we don’t support d people whom we know and who need us,wat rights do we have to blame the country for not giving us anything we need or others for not supporting us?

After all these problems with Indians,do we actually have d right to blame India for still being a poor country?Will India become perfect someday in future?I honestly don’t think so.We are bound to be in same wavelength or become worse if we continue d same.Can it be possible to change the way India is moving ahead?Can it be possible to enlighten Indians to make India a better place to live in?


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